Polytron Wizard Note W7530

Polytron Wizard Note W7530, the device is based on Android 4.0.4 ICS – EM has been equipped with a stylus that allows you to write on the screen the Wizard Note like doodling on paper actually. To make a sketch, you can use the default application that has been provided called Note. Its weight compact stylus pen makes it very comfortable when held. Armed with electronic magnetic technology makes digital pen stylus is very responsive when used for handwriting. EM – stylus sensitivity level can be adjusted according to the needs or tastes.

He cried again. EM – stylus also has a stylus gesture capabilities that allow you to operate features shortcut command. With this feature. You will more easily access an application without having to bother looking into the menu. For example, want to open the email, just press the button next to the stylus pen, then scratched icon @, then you will be herded into the email application. Not only that, there are also other symbols to access a variety of applications, such as O for screenshots, * if you want to browse, if you like to send SMS V, + for scrap , and much more.

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