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Need for dual core phones at affordable prices remains a priority of local vendors. Cross managed to push the price  Cross A7S worth the price of the LG L3 II dual are still using single core processors. “Viscera” possessed even more looks fresh with a 4.5 inch display and a 1 GHz processor and 8 MP camera.

Unfortunately, Cross A7S must compete with Mito-backed A355 quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, Android Jelly Bean and 8 MP camera and the price is less than 2 million rupiahs.

In the Cross A7S box, you will find a hard case that can be used to protect the back of the plastic cover. It is rarely given by the NII other manufacturers and this exciting promo in my opinion. Options for a Cross there are three color choices the A7S ie, white, black and yellow black.

Cross in the grip design A7S felt comfortable because of physical buttons (volume and on / off) on the right side, so it can be reached by the thumb. Diagonal screen size of 4.5-inch qHD display and use this type of IPS LCD 960 x 540 pixel resolution. The screen is able to recognize five touches at once and feels responsive when we touch it.

Cross A7S a Dual SIM mobile phone which is equipped with the 3G network so that the front camera can be used for video calls. Dual SIM settings are also easy and not complicated. You can set it in the settings menu or via the interface when you want the phone.

Dual core processor is the main attraction of the Cross A7S, especially combined with a relatively affordable price. The processor can run at a speed of 1 GHz and works well when the application is opened slightly. If a lot, quite heavy too.

Memory is only 512 MB RAM which makes me forced to be picky where appropriate application in order not to burden its performance. Though internal memory is 4 GB, but there needs to be additional micro SD for performance remains stable.

Before downloading a variety of applications, I did a test with AnTuTu software can figure in 5844, 2577 and NenaMark2 Quadrant standard 23.7 fps. The above figures clearly competing in the class dual core phones with similar specifications.

For business in particular multimedia music player is constrained at the speakers if you set it at high volume levels. Voice sounded broken. To work around this set loudspeakers are positioned so that the results can be enjoyed more comfortable voice.

When the screen is locked,you can directly activate the camera by sliding the lock to the left.  There are no physical buttons as a camera shutter. Duel existing camera works fine, though not as good as the camera’s resolution global vendors in the same figure.

Additional flash gives great influence to improve the results of 8 MP camera. However, there are settings and features that are not much different from a camera phone features Android in general.

Weather results in bright colors with a splash of sunshine, no doubt, good with detail color close to the original color. Parts dark areas sometimes can not be avoided despite insufficient light. Of course very disturbing even though you’re feeling fit in the setting. This is one difference between the camera lens and the resolution of the phone’s local and global vendors.

Cross A7S equipped with WiFi for wireless connection. Additionally, the phone can be used as a hotspot to share internet connection to other devices. The durability of the battery capacity of 1600 mAh which I test last up to a day in normal use for gaming, internet and telephone

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Maman Malmsteen

Actively writing since 1986 in the mass media. Be the announcer at Radio Fantasy 93.1 FM since 1999. Being in CV Cindy Purchasing Administration since 1999. Become a Blogger since 2010.

10 Responses to Cross A7S

  1. Luqman says:

    Gan, mau tanya nih, saya habis beli Cross A7s, kemarin saya masukan file movie dari komputer, tapi saya putar di hp Cross A7s tidak keluar suaranya, saya akali pake headset juga tetep nggak keluar suaranya, tolong pencerahannya. Trimkasih

    • Maman Malmsteen says:

      Format file video yang Anda masukin dari PC itu kemungkinan tidak support dengan file video yang bisa dimainkan di Cross A7S. Coba konvert file movie tersebut dengan Miksoft Mobile Media Converter atau Pazera Converter. Konvert ke dalam jenis format file video yang support di Cross A7S.

  2. Heru says:

    Saya perlu hard case punya A7S, dimana bisa membelinya

  3. Admin says:

    Salam kenal pak Heru …
    Kalau bpk tinggal di jkt bisa cari di Ambas, mangga dua, roxy, dkk …
    Kalau mau beli Online … Coba bpk cari di kaskus … Saya ada nemuin beberapa …

    Terima Kasih

    • Heru says:

      Saya sudah mencari ditempat yang bapak sebutkan tetapi hard case yang dimaksud tidak pernah ada dijual karena satu paket bawaan dengan Cross A7S.

      Saya sudah hunting di kaskus juga belum mendapatkan. Kalau tidak keberatan mungkin bisa di infokan melalui email nomor yang bisa dihubungi jika bapak lihat di Kaskus?


  4. Heru says:

    Baik pak nanti saya tunggu khabarnya.

  5. Linda R says:

    maaf saya juga sedang mencari case untuk corss a7s soalnya punya saya warna putih sudah kusam banget,, bisa bantu info yang jual casenya dimana ya .. terima kasih

  6. Setyo says:

    Pak, Cross A7S saya tidak bisa muncul 3G nya. Bagaimana yah?
    Trus jika melakukan panggilan; layar seakan terkunci shg tdk bisa menekan menu pd saat panggilan
    Terima kasih

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