FPS 1000, High-Speed ​​Camera With Affordable Prices

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Canon EOS 1200D

It is undeniable, that the photograph is one activity that is fun, and if taken seriously could be one of the promising profession. Hence it is not surprising, if from time to More »

Asus ZenFone 6, Reliable Camera On Light Minim

Asus successfully shake up the market with its three new series that is cheap for its class specifications, one of which is ZenFone 6. Brought its technology, particularly for the camera was More »

Nikon D3300, Nikon Continuing Tradition

After launching D3200, Nikon re-introduce the DSLR camera newest products, D3300. The camera offers a full photographic functions and target the middle class segment. This segment is indeed central to the seizure More »

Nikon Coolpix 532, Swim Without Fear Damage

Although the market was sluggish , Nikon still exist with his pocket camera. This time Nikon is pleased to introduce the CoolPix 532, which has the advantages of compact cameras waterproof body More »


Vivo Y31, Android Smartphone Lollipop With 8MP camera

Vivo Y31

One of the products their smartphones from Vivo i.e. Vivo Y31 had entered Indonesia gadget market. There is a difference between the series carried the specifications Y31 and Y31A, one of which is the absence of support 4 g LTE. This Smartphone will be a formidable competitor Oppo Neo 7 because the price of Vivo Y31 market sale of Rp 1,999,000 or Rp 2 million. What kind of specs Vivo Y31 more? check out our reviews here.

Specifications display the Y31 Vivo rely on tech-support panel IPS (In-Plane Switching) sized 4.7 inches with a resolution of 960 x 540 qHD pixels that have a density of 233 pixels per inch. But there is no mention of this smartphone is coated by antigores like the Gorilla Glass 3 and others. As for this smartphone interface using the interface typical Vivo FunTouchOS with the Android operating system v 5.1 Lollipop.

Ramos M7, Smartphone With 5000 mAh Battery And Prices 2.7 Millions

Ramos M7

Not long ago a brand-new smartphone called Ramos M7 was introduced and given the large size battery supplies. Batteries given this has a fairly large size of the class and will be a main attraction for customers. It seems that this year will be quite a lot of mobile phone manufacturers are making phones berbaterai jumbo including this manufacturer.

Battery owned has a large size which is about 5000 mAh. Indeed, to date, no information on how long time durability. But when we see based SoC and also the screen, it looks like the battery is able to offer up to 1 day for heavy usage. Meanwhile, the lightweight penggunanaan capable of 2 to 3 days. From the curious about its specifications or, simply follow the following discussion.

Asus Pegasus X005, 5.5-inch Smartphone Released Soon

Asus Pegasus

Manufacturers Asus reportedly has released a new smartphone called the Asus Pegasus X005 which would continue generation Asus Pegasus X550. The news about the brand-new smartphone made in Asus is corroborated by the appearance of the device in TENAA certification. For a country that will be visited by this new smartphone is the first time China. Specifications owned by the smart phone is also fairly interesting.

The advantages of this cellphone itself one of which is a large-screen 5.5-inch full HD resolution, 13 megapixel camera and many more. In terms of appearance or design, this smartphone is not similar to the family line Zenfone. However, its design seems somewhat rounded the corner wearing and carrying the metal frame of the material. From the spec or its curious about, let’s look together the following reviews.

VKWorld VK800X, Cheap Smartphone Similar To HTC


A new smartphone named VKWorld VK800X reportedly entered the market formally and brings interesting spec. Some interesting specification embedded into this smartphone. But the main thing from him is adopted the design as a smartphone belonging to HTC. It is estimated this smartphone would target the entry-level segment due to the selling price of this phone is very cheap below 1 millions.

This smartphone reportedly would price tag for $ 65 or when converted to rupiah worth IDR 900 thousands. At the top and bottom of the screen of this phone also embedded hole grill speaker. But there is no info about the function of the hole for the speaker or just a variation only. And then as to whether the given spec and features? Let’s see the full discussion below.

Evercoss A74C Jump, Smartphone Quad Core With Low Price

Evercoss A74C Jump

Evercoss A74C Jump smartphone lately is known to have been released by the local manufacturers which would target entry level segment. Some advantages are also implanted into smartphones that will be the attraction for consumers. The most exciting thing again this Evercoss-made smartphones would be marketed very cheaply. Based from info obtained, this cellphone would priced tag in less than 1 million and a half millions of IE only or 500 thousands of rupiah.

On the side of the form, this cellphone looks not so different with entry level smartphone in general i.e. carrying the four corners are slightly rounded. Not only that, to facilitate its users in navigating, given three capacitive buttons on the bottom of the screen. This cellphone would reportedly produced in two colors namely black and white also. And then as to whether the specifications and features that are owned? Let’s see together the same full reviews here.