Canon EOS 1200D

It is undeniable, that the photograph is one activity that is fun, and if taken seriously could be one of the promising profession. Hence it is not surprising, if from time to More »

Asus ZenFone 6, Reliable Camera On Light Minim

Asus successfully shake up the market with its three new series that is cheap for its class specifications, one of which is ZenFone 6. Brought its technology, particularly for the camera was More »

Nikon D3300, Nikon Continuing Tradition

After launching D3200, Nikon re-introduce the DSLR camera newest products, D3300. The camera offers a full photographic functions and target the middle class segment. This segment is indeed central to the seizure More »

Nikon Coolpix 532, Swim Without Fear Damage

Although the market was sluggish , Nikon still exist with his pocket camera. This time Nikon is pleased to introduce the CoolPix 532, which has the advantages of compact cameras waterproof body More »

Samsung NX30, Classic Looks Sophisticated Features

Samsung recently became more confident in its work on mirrorless cameras. South Korean manufacturer is consistently launching a mirrorless camera of the NX series families each year. Recently they introduced NX30. This More »


Samsung Galaxy A5, KitKat Android Smartphone Unique And Interesting

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5 issued to target the upper middle segment. Although some people call Samsung Galaxy A5 as an iPhone look alike, this series still deserve praise for its beautiful appearance, graceful, elegant, and luxurious.

But the most interesting part of the design of the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a Samsung claims as its first product using metal materials for the entire casing. Even so, it is better to add a protective casing in order to keep it looking clean. Four colors are prepared Samsung’s smartphones are black, white, silver or gold.

Smartfren Andromax i3s, Cooperating With Haier, Smartfren More Specials


Smartfren diligent flooding the market with valuable Andromax affordable smartphone. One of the best-selling is Andromax i3S this. Actually this is given Haier branded mobile phone brands Smartfren Andromax i3s.

Android is different from circulating, Smartfren Andromax i3s does have a simpler design. Apparently, the more attention their innards. Unlike most Android local brands, body material is used in the form of thicker plastic that feels more solid when in the grip.

OnePlus One, Android Plus Smartphone Nexus Competitors

OnePlus One Android Plus Smartphone

Newcomer this time named OnePlus One. Never Settle motto. They believe in the freedom of using mobile phones with high specifications. Have the build quality is topnotch, customization without limit and at affordable prices.

Design of OnePlus One quite interesting, elegant and sturdy look. When gripped this phone feels great, but still comfortable to use. From the front side of the visible screen 1080p IPS LCD display with a size of 5.5 inches. IPS LCD sharpness of OnePlus One produces an image that is quite clear, with 441 ppi.

Google Fit, Healthy Fit For Users

Google Fit Healthy Fit For Users

Google Fit is a monitoring application activity and sports activities with the ability to record the user’s movement throughout the day. Once installed on Android devices, this app works using sensors to collect data from users movement performed.

By recording the desired activity, could be a reference to the achievement and progress you make. Features in it, allowing the user to achieve certain targets.

Asus Transformer Pad TF103CG, Collaboration Comfortable Laptop And Tablet

Asus Transformer Pad TF103CG

When using the gadget, as we often are separated by categories of laptops and tablets. Both are devices use very different priorities. Laptops tend to work, while the tablet for entertainment and light work. This time Asus has a unique device. Crossbreeding laptops and tablets became product sales. Asus laptops and tablets marry into one device. As a result, the Asus Transformer Pad.

When combined, these tablets really feels like a laptop. Moreover, the 10.1-inch screen is also so relieved. The tablet is shaped like a tablet Much of the thick edge of the screen distance.