Canon EOS 1200D

It is undeniable, that the photograph is one activity that is fun, and if taken seriously could be one of the promising profession. Hence it is not surprising, if from time to More »

Asus ZenFone 6, Reliable Camera On Light Minim

Asus successfully shake up the market with its three new series that is cheap for its class specifications, one of which is ZenFone 6. Brought its technology, particularly for the camera was More »

Nikon D3300, Nikon Continuing Tradition

After launching D3200, Nikon re-introduce the DSLR camera newest products, D3300. The camera offers a full photographic functions and target the middle class segment. This segment is indeed central to the seizure More »

Nikon Coolpix 532, Swim Without Fear Damage

Although the market was sluggish , Nikon still exist with his pocket camera. This time Nikon is pleased to introduce the CoolPix 532, which has the advantages of compact cameras waterproof body More »

Samsung NX30, Classic Looks Sophisticated Features

Samsung recently became more confident in its work on mirrorless cameras. South Korean manufacturer is consistently launching a mirrorless camera of the NX series families each year. Recently they introduced NX30. This More »


Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10.1, Bring Windows 8.1 For High Productivity

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10.1 body design for comfortable use in three different situations, namely when the grip of the hand (Hold mode), placed on a table stand (Stand mode), put it to sleep (Tilt mode) and suspended (Hand mode).

For his body is still using a metal that carry a premium impression. Its dimensions are 235 x 183 x 7.2 mm. Thinner than the Yoga Tablet 10 with dimensions of 261 x 180 x 8.1 mm. But heavier weight ie 629 grams versus 605 grams.

Samsung Galaxy A5, Body Premium, Innards Medium

Samsung Galaxy A5

One of the advantages brought by the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a Super AMOLED screen with a panel of commonly used Samsung’s flagship smartphone. Screen size is 5 inches with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, 294 ppi brought density. Thin body with a thickness of 6.7 mm.

Although not use Full HD resolution, the content on the screen looks sharp. This makes sense because the existing screen is manufactured using the same technology generation and Galay Alpha Galaxy Note 4. The result is color accuracy, gamma, white balance and saturation feast for the eyes. In addition to protection, the screen is coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

Oppo Mirror 3, Specs and Price

Oppo Mirror 3 Specs and Price

Understanding Oppo Mirror 3 undoubtedly you will understand how the content was much more important than just a technology demonstration component.

Oppo Mirror 3 was special in a matter of design and screen. His appearance has no characteristic, tends public. Weight is also not much lighter than the series with a similar design. So it is with the screen. Oppo Mirror 3 uses TFT LCD with wide 4.7-inch diagonal.

HTC One E8, Bring Plastic Materials Into Segment Flagship

HTC One E8

Over the past few years, HTC has always carry a premium impression on HTC family which includes the flagship series. Starting from the HTC One, One M8 and M7, all using metal materials. But after One M8, HTC little turn directions with the release of the series One E8 using a plastic material.

The goal is clear: reduce the sale price. However, users do not need to worry about the performance because most of the specifications are brought by HTC One E8 as HTC One M8. Originally HTC One E8 is only intended for the Chinese nation, but also appeared in several Asian countries such as India, Singapore, Taiwan and of course Indonesia.

Lenovo Livo S90, Design As The iPhone 6, Front Camera With Flash

Lenovo Livo S90 Sisley

In November 2014 ago, Lenovo released a smartphone that is inspired by the design of the iPhone 6. Smartphone is Lenovo Livo S90. Outside Indonesia known as Lenovo Sisley.

Of course this is not only attract attention because the body design, but also an interface similar to the iPhone 6. But that is not in the spotlight because of Lenovo cram a variety of features that make you fall in love, such as AMOLED screen, 8 MP front camera with flash, dual SIM and support for LTE networks.